reduce VERB 1) make or become smaller or less in amount, degree, or size. 2) (reduce to) change (something) to (a simpler or more basic form). 3) (reduce to) bring to (an undesirable state or action). 4) boil (a sauce or other liquid) so that it becomes thicker and more concentrated. 5) Chemistry cause to combine chemically with hydrogen. 6) Chemistry cause to undergo a reaction in which electrons are gained from another substance or molecule. The opposite of OXIDIZE(Cf. ↑oxidizer). 7) restore (a dislocated body part) to its proper position. 8) archaic conquer (a place).
reduced circumstances — Cf. ↑reduced circumstances
reduce to the ranks — Cf. ↑reduce to the ranks
DERIVATIVES reducer noun reducible adjective.
ORIGIN originally in the sense «restore»: from Latin reducere 'bring or lead back' .

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